Amy Hutchison Instructor

  • GYROTONIC® Method Instructor

Amy loves to explore and share the unlimited potential of movement as a means to connect to oneself and to others. Her teaching is based on this exploration, combined with her passion to help others learn how they can help themselves.

Her earliest memories of movement observation began around age 3 while watching her mother in ballet rehearsals. Since then, her training has included classical ballet, modern dance, yoga, Pilates, Franklin Method, swimming, Gyrokinesis and Gyrotonic, all of which have coalesced to inform her current teaching methods. It was during a stressful period in college when Amy found the immense benefits of regular yoga practice and wanted to be able to share this knowledge with others. After graduation, Amy completed yoga teacher training through RussaYog in Ann Arbor, where she taught for several years and worked with studio founder, Jasprit Singh, to create a method blending yoga and dance called Yoga Ballet Balance. She also continued her interest in Pilates at this time through several teacher training courses.

Although all of these methods have contributed to the awareness and intelligence of her body, the greatest change has come from her experience in the Gyrotonic Method, having witnessed transformative changes in her body and mind. Amy is thrilled to be able to share this method with others and create a unique experience for each person: whether you are dealing with chronic injury, a top level athlete, or just looking for a way to move better, there are unlimited ways to explore and expand your potential.

Amy is a professional dancer currently working with DDCdances, a choreographer, and also teaches ballet.

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  • Certified GYROTONIC® Instructor