Julie Jeffery Peale Instructor

  • Certified Hellerwork Practioner, April 2003
  • Certified Structural Medicine Specialist, April 2005
  • GYROTONIC® Method Instructor

Julie came to the Gyrontonic and Gyrokinesis methods for her own self care and exploration. After years of being a deep tissue bodyworker, she came to understand the importance of self care to have longevity in a field of work she enjoyed so much. She experienced creativity and joy of movement in her Gyrotonic lessons, but on a practical level, she also found the work to foster flexibility and strength in her body. She experienced this through awareness of movement and fine tuning of the musculature of the body.

After 8 years of private instruction Gyrontonic lessons, Julie decided to pursue the teacher certification in the Gyrontonic method. The extensive training required for certification helped to deepen the experience in her own body while having the opportunity to share this with others through personal one-on-one instruction.

Julie maintains a full time practice as a Hellerwork and Structural Medicine Practitioner but still finds time, and experiences joy, teaching the Gyrontonic method to students at the studio. Her strong background in anatomy, function, and postural awareness are a great asset to her as she teaches. She has found that her clients from both modalities have received the benefit of her training in both fields.