Suzanne Willets Brooks Instructor

  • GYROTONIC® Method, Pilates & Franklin Method Instructor

Suzanne Willets Brooks teaches with a blend of humor, encouragement, and knowledge. She has worked with a range of students from athletes with specific goals to people recovering from injuries and people who just want to find more comfort and ease of motion. It is her passion to help people discover the joy of moving. She is a life-long athlete from running cross country to gymnastics to dance. Suzanne came to Pilates through Khita Whyatt while dancing at EMU 18 years ago. She was impressed with how powerful and subtle Pilates could be in transforming movement patterns and creating more ease in not just her dance but in everyday life.

Suzanne's pathway to teaching Pilates was circuitous. She studied emotional and physical integrative massage in Portugal through the Green Mountain Institute in Vermont and also at the Body Wisdom school in Iowa. She is a life long student and teacher of yoga, studying in depth with Angela Farmer and Victor VanKooten in their "teacher untraining courses" for over 20 years as well as with Barbara Benaugh and David Swenson. She received certification in Pilates from Intelligent Exercise and has been teaching Pilates for 7 years.

Suzanne has scoliosis, and due to complications in the birth of her second child, has had various pelvic instability issues which help to inform her teaching style with compassion and empathy. Her passion for helping people understand how their bodies work, or in some cases don't work, has led her to teach anatomy workshops through private studios, the dance deptartment of EMU, and as a presenter at the University of Michigan medical hospital's pelvic floor dysfunction conference. She is currently a student of the Franklin method (certified in the pelvic module) which is a dynamic and embodied approach to anatomy. In addition, Suzanne has taken teacher training courses in Gyrokinesis and is a life coach working at Glacier Hills retirement center. She has performed and choreographed nationally and internationally and currently teaches for the Movement Artist Guild and is a member of Aux Works Dance under artistic director Anna McGarry.

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  • Certified GYROTONIC® Instructor
  • Certified Pilates Instructor Through Intelligent Exercise
  • Certified Massage Therapist
  • Certified in the Pelvic Module of the Franklin Method
  • BS in Education--Dance and Drama, EMU