Move Into Stillness: A Half Day Restoration Retreat

With Sura Kim & Heather Glidden

Move into Stillness with this unique ½ day retreat in downtown Ann Arbor.

This restorative retreat is intended to create inner-balance, rejuvenation and spaciousness. Take time for calm to focus on your priorities and true self-care. By being energetically grounded and connected through mindful movement and practice, we are most equipped to respond to life’s challenges and responsibilities.

We’ll begin with intention setting, Gyrokinesis movement, and restorative yoga. We’ll seamlessly move into guided coaching meditation where you can practice stillness and receive insightful questions for your life path.

Tea and snacks will be provided.

About the instructor

Sura is a Meditation Coach & Trainer who specializes in resilience leadership coaching and restorative practices.

Heather loves sharing the transformative power of meditative movement through her work as a Gyrotonic instructor and studio owner.