Harmonize Mind & Body: Gyrokinesis Class with Live Music

With Gyrokinesis Instructor Heather Glidden and Musician Ceremaya

This dance-like work-out/in will combine the flowing movements of Gyrokinesis with live music! All levels welcome. Sink into the supportive and meditative experience of movement as musician Ceremaya creates live music to support our practice. Past participants described feeling simultaneously calmer and more alive in their bodies after this class.

Not familiar with Gyrokinesis? Here's a preview!

And learn more about Ceremaya's music here and here.

About the instructor

Heather is continually amazed by the transformative power of movement in her own body and the bodies of others. This potential for transformation has been the driving force behind her work since she began teaching in 2004, and it is the primary inspiration for this studio.

Her training has taken her around the world, studying with top instructors including Gyrotonic Method creator Juliu Horvath. She believes that true health is multi-dimensional, and she works with each client to discover how their movement training can best serve their overall wellness.