The foundation of a balanced life is nutrition and overall wellness. When it comes to diet, weight and exercise, one size definitely does not fit all. Integrating your nutrition and wellness teaches you to listen to your body and fill it with the nourishing foods it desires and the physical activity it needs.

Artesian Wellness, founded by Darlene Sosenko, has as its mission assessing the bio-individuality of peoples' lives and inducing constructive change; change achieved through clean eating, personalized fitness, and the unlearning of flawed tendencies. The result is a realistic and sustainable life transformation, one that enables lifelong weight control, stress reduction and energy amplification, all while maintaining an optimistic outlook and a nourished soul.

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"My work with Darlene was amazing! Not only did she assist me with healthy diet changes, her counsel regarding my weight obsession was invaluable. This issue used to take up a great deal of mind space and psychic energy. Darlene's perceptive and wise guidance shifted this long standing issue into balance. I am very grateful to her and strongly recommend her!" -Sandra